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Point of Sale


Looking for a NEW Point of Sale in 2022? We can help!

A great point of sale will all depend on many factors like your industry type. Your Business may or not need several features that can be useful. 

Consider the following:

*Restaurant POS may need Employee reporting, menu management, Reservation feature, pay @ Table and more. This is really for a sit down fine dining but may not be needed for a Quick Service Burger joint. Simplicity is sometimes best. 

*QR Codes is a newer technology which may help a small and larger Business because it offers a touchless payments experience. During covid the need for this technology was created. These can be used on tables, signage and once customers get acustomed to it they will love it. It makes the turn over on tables 15 minutes faster making the Business more $ over the day. 

*Accepting Mobile Wallet / NFC Technology meaning your POS may have the option of PayPass or Tap and Go to pay from your cell phone device like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc. More and more persons are using this simple and faster check out technology. No pin delays and in some cases no signature required. Many of the younger generation will use this over cards anyday.                   *Pay@Table with Mobile POS is a big deal in 2022 with less waiters and servers due to covid and fear we need the ability to check out customers faster. This is a great option with Wi-Fi and gprs technology for the connection. Many of our POS solutions integrate with the mobile pos and the base station.

*If you have more specific needs for your Business and the Point of Sale solution please contact our office. We provide a large variety of POS Systems and great solutions. 

Thank you,                                                                                            

Bryan Lee

[email protected]

Office 888-641-8910


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