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Cash Discount program is to help a Business owner save up to 100% of the monthly fees by passing the service fee onto the customer.  If the transaction is over $15 we apply a 4% service fee for a non-cash adjustment.
Based on our experience less than 10% will even notice it and all locations keep it when they see the monthly savings of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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Wholesale Interchange Application

Completing our Application for a Merchant Services account will save you on average 30% over current rates. We help Businesses like yours by offering Interchange which is our cost with a Basis Points mark up. Best of all we Will Not raise your rates every 6 months like our competitors. The majority of our Merchant Partners stay over 8 years. All Merchants get our Next Day Deposit program with an 11pm est cut off.

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Looking for something specific for your Business. Maybe your used to working with Bank of America, Union, Wells Fargo who used FD Services. We can help there too and provide lower rates guaranteed. Offering through FD Clover Point of Sale which many like using.

Merchant Application

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