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The Credit Card Guy

Located in Los Angeles County
222 N. Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 2000, El Segundo, CA 90245
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For questions about statements, billing, reporting, technical support or additional service requests, please call and select your Processor:
ELAVON 800.725.1243
TSYS 800.552.8227
First Data 877.810.9315

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222 N. Pacific Coast Highway,
El Segundo CA 90245


THE CREDIT CARD GUY is a registered MLS office of Clearent LLC, an MSP of CB STL. Also providing High-Risk Merchant Accounts.                                © All Rights Reserved. Call 888-641-8910

We have POS Solutions for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Mobile Businesses, eCommerce, Online Ordering and Custom Solutions and more.