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Food Delivery App


What We can do for you

Online Ordering

Partner with Dylish and get:

• Efficient pickup & delivery system
• Custom website for web ordering
• Branded iOS and Android app for mobile ordering
• Tablet
• Bluetooth printer


Complimentary with our service:

• Facebook ad campaigns
• Instagram ad campaigns
• Professionally designed printed marketing materials
• An active QR code that links to your online menu

Competitive Rates

We want to see your restaurant profit – which is why our rates are unseen in the industry:

• As low as 10% flat rate
• 2 day funding
• No contract, no obligations
• Direct customer contact

Dylish is an online ordering platform and a marketing partner. Food Delivery App

    • Dylish enables restaurants to take online orders directly; through a custom ordering page or a custom mobile app.
    • Instead of going through a giant third-party corporation; while at the same time creating marketing material and ad campaigns to help grow orders on the platform.
    • The majority of restaurants online orders currently go through services like Grubhub, Uber Eats, Door Dash. They dominate the market and restaurants feel like they have no choice.
  • These companies are charging restaurants anywhere from 18% up to 30% per transaction

Empowering Restaurants



  • Sales forecasts for take-out and delivery were increasing year after year as more customers are opting to order their favorite food from the comfort of their home.

  • However, during this pandemic, it has just sped those projections tenfold.

  • This is why Dylish wants to give restaurants the tools they need to be able to compete and meet those demands. We offer the same quality of service and support without the outrageous rates.

What they get with ...


  • No contract
  • Flat rate
  • 2-day funding
  • No surprise fees – All-inclusive pricing
  • Effortless To-Go & Delivery System
  • Door Dash delivery integration
  • Custom Website
  • Custom App
  • Unique QR code
  • Social Media Marketing -Facebook & Instagram. Organic SEO Growth – Yelp & Google Business
  • Flyers
  • IPad
  • Stand
  • Bluetooth Printer
  • Direct Merchant to customer contact


  • Variable contract terms
  • Variable rate 18% – 30%
  • Relay system (you must contact them, they contact the customer, indirect communication)
  • Shared marketing on their platform with competing restaurants.
  • End of week funding
  • Marketing material for their platform, not the specific restaurant.
  • Set up fee
  • Deposit
  • Marketing material not included – additional
  • Hidden fees


Dylish offers a simple transparent pricing model.
A flat rate of 10% and a monthly service fee.


The restaurant owns their own website & equipment


49.00 per month


The restaurant needs a website built or needs equipment


99.00 per month


Equipment is included if needed / restaurant has multiple locations under one platform.

129.00 per month

With both service fees, the restaurant will still get all the bells and whistles that come with Dylish. Including the online ordering page, the mobile app, the marketing material, ad campaigns, Door Dash delivery integration and google and yelp page configurations.


Dylish is able to set up a restaurant to offer delivery in one of two ways:
  • In-house delivery can be set up if the restaurant has their own drivers. The restaurant then has the ability to set their own delivery radius, order minimum, and delivery fee.
    • This delivery option integrates our system with the Door Dash fleet, offering a nationwide network of drivers.
    • When choosing this method Door Dash charges the restaurant the delivery fee upfront. Which requires the restaurant to put a debit/credit card on file with them, but at the same time that the restaurant is being charged the delivery fee, our system is charging the customer passing along the cost of delivery and get that money back to the restaurant.
    • The Door Dash algorithm determines the delivery fee which depends on distance, traffic, demand and is calculated in real time and communicates with our system to ensure the fee is passed and collected.

Dylish offers...

All-Inclusive Marketing

Flyers, Storefront Poster & Window Decal
Custom QR Code & Website
Social Media Ad Campaigns
Our initial marketing investment is valued at over $400.00. With a portion of what you’re processing being re-invested back to marketing for your restaurant monthly.


If a restaurant does $5,000 in sales per month through a third-party platform at a 30% rate (such as Grubhub) they will be paying $1,500.00

Yearly they will be paying $18,000.00
If that same restaurant were to use us & we provide them the equipment they will be paying $599.00

If they have their own equipment they will be paying $549.00
They are saving $900.00 per month, that’s an annual savings of $10,800.
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222 N. Pacific Coast Highway,
El Segundo CA 90245

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222 N. Pacific Coast Hwy,
El Segundo CA 90245


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