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Payment Solutions
We offer every thinkable known method of getting your Business to accept Payments.
Payment Types:
Interchange Plus Pricing
Discount Pricing
ACH Check Deposit
End to End Tokenization
Payment Methods:
Retail / Storefront / Restaurant Terminals
Point of Sale Software/Hardware Programs
Mobile Payment Gateways/Card Readers
Online /e-Commerce Gateway Solutions
Online Invoice Billing
Email Payment Processing
e-Gift Card Program
Traditional Gift Card program
Equipment Solutions:
In Person Swiped EMV Terminals
Tablet/Traditional Point of Sale Systems
API Payment Integrations
Mobile Card Reader Solutions
Desktop Payment Card Reader Solutions
Online/Cloud Based Payment Solutions
​*Ask about our Equipment Specials
We are always seeking new payment platforms, methods, technologies to be on the cutting edge of where are Merchants want to be.
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Business Finance Solutions
We strive to offer great lending products and services. We have partnered with Industry leading lenders offering many great solutions.
Merchant Cash Advances:
This type of loan is based on volume of current Credit Card Processing monthly sales. This loan can be up to 125% of the monthly volume. Factors include FICO, Debts and Balances. Pay back is normally 6-12 months on a daily, weekly or monthly withdraw. Sometimes there is a 10-20% hold if required.
Term & Traditional Loan:
This type of loan is along the lines of a 6-24 month fixed monthly pay back. Many factors in getting long terms, etc due to Fico, Debts, Blances, length of time in Business. Normally most lenders want to see 6-12 months in Business.
Lock Box Account Loan:
This type of loan is when you allow a 3rd party processor who has a relationship with the lender and all parties agree all processing deposits will be placed in the account for holding. Once the lender calculates and takes its daily, weekly payment based on % or flat fee then the Merchant owner receives the remainder of the funds. This normally add a day delay in deposit.
This type of loan will lend on the factors of Debts, Balances and length of time in Business. This loan does not factor a Merchants Fico Score nor the SIC Code for the type of Business it is.
Ask about our many Finance Solutions and programs. These programs change from time to time.
Merchant Benefits: Click here for Loan Flyer
Many offers from many lenders to compete
All lenders allow for different factors
Some lenders require lower Ficos
90% approval rating
Decisions with all docs in 24-72 hours
Loan deposit within 5-

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