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Is SQUARE point of sale the Best fit for your Business in 2022?

Square point of sale, soon to be called Block is a giant in the payments space but is it the best fit for your Business? Are you using or considering Square as your Payments partner? They market well and have a simple solution and to most believe the pricing is the Best thats offered with the advertising being a flat rate. But is it the Best for your Business? Not if your doing more than $2,000 per month. Lets review.

The Point of Savings

I have met with many Square Merchants and had to figure out how can my office be a competitive foe. Well after review and analysis I came up with a breaking point where our processing would give our merchants a $40 savings per month over Square. 

If a Merchant is processing over $2,000 and would like to save the difference then I suggest submitting a Square statement or just volume to our office and we will provide a free cost-savings proposal. If your office is processing $40,000 per month that’s an estimated monthly savings of $200. Reinvest that $2400.00 per year back into your Business.

How we match up in 2022 with SQUARE point of sale.

They changed it big time with swiped transactions now at 2.6% + .10 cents which works out closer to 2.75%-3%. Transactions with Card Not Present, Phones, Online, etc will be more in the range of 2.9-3.5% + 15 cents. This is even pricier than you think. 

If cost is a concern we can offer on save average 50 basis points less. We can beat this in every scenario. 

SQUARE Support: Simply stated the support besides email is virtually impossible to get when needed most. We offer 24/7/265 Tech Support. 

Point of Sale Equipment

POS has so many new features in 2021 and 2022. QR Code technology is one of the newest selling points and for good reason. With Covid and shut downs we need more ways to pay. We call it “Touchless Payments”. We also have great options for Pay@Table with Mobile POS solutions saving the Merchant an average turn around per table of 15 minutes. This is cost effective and more productive. 

Ready for a Free Consultation so we can choose the Best POS together. 

Bryan Lee,

O:888-641-8910 / M:310-951-2776 

[email protected] 

Is Square the Best fit for your Business?

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