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Cash Discount & Surcharge
SAVINGS…. This is a New Pricing model with only a couple of years in use but Surcharging and Cash Discount will save YOU the Merchant hundreds or Thousands per month. How?

Has a Non-Cash fee of 4%. This fee doesn’t apply to cash transactions. We place signage so the customer knows of the fees beforehand. Normally only 5-10% of customer even notice the service fee and many Restaurants, Retail and Gas stations are using this model. The savings is huge. We have seen 99% of Merchants keep this model once implemented. Start today and receive a FREE EMV TERMINAL while supplies last. 

Is another model which a 4% fee only applies to Credit Card Sales of Not Debit Card Sales. So, when you take a debit card which is more than half of all transactions there is no fee applied which means the Merchant still pays for those transaction cost but you will save 40-50% instead of paying 100% of sales without it. We place most customer under the Cash Discount model.

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222 N. Pacific Coast Hwy,
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