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Order from your phone by scanning a QR code at your table, or on a board outside the restaurant

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Pay when you order. No waiting in line or waiting for the check. No contact needed.

How do we help
  • Safety for customers via contactless ordering & payments, and contact tracing capabilities
  • Cut overhead costs by enabling restaurants to operate with fewer front-of-house staff
  • Empower restaurants with data that provides insights into their customers & business
  • Totally free for restaurants, with no contract
Make turning tables faster
  • Everyone wants the industry back Cheqout can greatly improve the ease of operations with minimal staff
  • Help your waiters serve more tables. The more tables a waiter can serve, the more tips they will take home. 100% of tips go to your wait staff
  • Turn tables faster Government regulations on capacity will mean that you need to expedite your customer’s experience. Don’t leave them waiting for a check. Increase table turnover by 25-50%.
No app required, but it feels like an app

Fully animated and responsive, works on any smartphone browser

We also have an online QR code scanner if your customer’s phone does not have one

No waiting for the check!
Translate your menu into any language so you can speak your customer’s native tongue.

We recognize the language your customer’s phone is set to use, so we can always show the right menu to them.

We can help you translate your menu into multiple languages.

Make your restaurant accessible to a new clientele
We don’t hide fees or markup item prices.

We offer a new way to pay, Cheqout Pay. It works pretty much the same way venmo works.

Let your customer choose to use Cheqout Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card

We only charge a service fee of 3% to the customer IF they do not use Cheqout Pay

Cheqout pay takes 30 seconds to sign-up for and is $0.00 for your customers
Schedule your menu so that you aren’t showing breakfast at dinner

Have Taco Tuesdays, or Sunday Brunch without having to re-write your menu from scratch
Use our Android tablet app, to control when an order gets sent to the kitchen

Control what updates your customers see as their order progresses.

Print to any kitchen Printer.
While we think we deliver the most value inside of the restaurant, we’re also available outside of the restaurant too.

Same prices, no difference from ordering on-premise
No need for your customers to crowd your store fronts while they wait for their orders
We text your customers when their order is ready to be picked up.

We can also be implemented as a food buzzer system inside the restaurant if you don’t have waiters
Customize our table placards to be about your restaurant
We only ask that you make our instructions prominent.

Otherwise we’re happy for you to take full creative control
Scan the QR Code for a live demo.

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El Segundo CA 90245


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